Wooden Top Feeder with Metal Screen


High-quality top feeders, made of wood, caulked to ensure they are leak-proof, and with an extra protective coating of beeswax.

The bees access the feeder through the open slot that runs cross-ways in the middle. Each compartment could hold up to one gallon.

The feeder fits on top of the hive boxes (8 or 10-frame available). The 8-frame version is discontinued. We will continue selling the 10-frame version while supplies last. This item is being replaced with other options in the links below.

Included with this feeder is a metal mesh that allows bees to access the syrup through a limited area, to prevent bees from drowning.

We also have available another wooden top feeder that uses slatted floats instead of the metal mesh. You can order the feeder with the slatted floats on the link below.

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