Saskatraz Starter Hive – SOLD OUT

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Pick up dates: May 25 or 26, from 10 am to 4 pm. Once you place an order we will contact you and schedule your pickup date, so we can close the bees inside the night before pick up.

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Complete 8-Frame stater hive with cedar bottom board and cedar migratory lid. We stapled the bottom board to the Deep hive body, to make it easier to transport this hive home.

It includes 7 brand new Deep-size frames and a new frame feeder with cap and ladder.

We installed a Saskatraz package from this season (2018 queen) and fed and checked the package as it started drawing comb and making a home in the hive.  Packages were installed on April 28, and since this is all foundation frames, the bees had to make all the comb from scratch (no old comb included in this hive!).

If you missed our package bee day, this will be the best way to get started with a Saskatraz package (just as if you had installed it in your brand new hive on April 28).

All the frames in the starter hive were new and there are no old frames in this kit.

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