2018 Old Sol Nuc


Pickup date: May 19, 2018

Nucleus colonies come in a wooden box complete with five frames, including 4 Deep frames of stores, brood, larvae, bees and one new (empty) frame to provide expansion room for the bees (total of 5 Deep frames). The wooden box is non-refundable (estimated value of $20, included in the nuc price).

Make sure to select the queen race you would like to order: Caucasian or Survivor Stock. The queen is a 2018 queen and comes loose in the box and is the queen that laid the eggs that you see in the frames (it is not a recently introduced queen).

Nucs available for pickup at BeeManiacs only (we don’t ship nucs). Please select “Pick up at Store” when placing this order. The system will calculate the WA Sales tax based on the delivery address (BeeManiacs Store – you can find the address in this link).

This online system will add sales tax to your order. If you are tax exempt for purchasing live bees, please do not place your order on this website and contact us at livebees@beemaniacs.com and we will process your order without collecting WA Sales tax using a different order processing system.

For more information about these nucs and the Caucasian and Survivor Stock races, please check Old Sol website: http://oldsolbees.com/shop/

Please make sure to read the BeeManiacs Terms and Conditions.

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