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I completed the apprentice beekeeping class with IEBA last year and I'd like to keep learning.  Unfortunately, they do not offer the journeyman class until 2020.  I wonder if it is possible for me to join the BBA Intermediate Beekeeper class...or would I have to first complete BeeManiacs Beekeeping 101 class?


Posted : 04/01/2019 9:59 am
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Hi Mark,

Regarding the BBA Intermediate Beekeeper class, I'd recommend asking the BBA directly. I'm not sure if their Intermediate class is for people that took their Beginner class or if it's just for any paid member (membership is $5/year). I've heard it both ways and only one is correct. they can be reached at

That being said, if you are an IEBA member and took their class, they usually have a 2nd-year beekeeper class that is free to members. We have volunteered many years to help to teach that class. I'd recommend you checking on the IEBA website or asking one of their officers. The second-year class was independent of the Journeyman (WA State) certification.

And to fully answer your question, you do not need to take the BeeManiacs Beekeeping 101 class. That is more of an emergency class for people that want to get started in beekeeping and never attended any other class. All local association classes are usually filled up and done by mid-March, so we added Beekeeping 101 to provide the basics to people starting on that very same season and didn't have a chance to take any class before the bees arrive.

Also, the BeeManiacs Beekeeping 101 class is not related to any class from any beekeeping association. We do volunteer in teaching some of the local classes from different non-profits, but Beekeeping 101 is taught only by BeeManiacs staff. 

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