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New items for sale or free  

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We have some more items for the "sale corner" this week.

We added a couple of polystyrene insulated deep boxes at $20 each (or $15 for members of any beekeeping association).

20180629 100724

We also have a couple of used top bar hives (as is) that were used in the BeeManiacs bee yard. they go for $10 each of for free for members of any beekeeping association.

20180629 100731

All the offers are first-come-first-served basis and you have to be in the store to get the material (we cannot reserve any material on sale).

Posted : 29/06/2018 10:48 am
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Top bar hives were taken.

Boxes and swarm catching kits still available.

Posted : 30/06/2018 12:34 pm