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Hive beetles, Wax moths and other honey bee hive pests  

Todd Lamphere
New Member

I am new to the North Spokane area and am curious what the experience has been with hive beetles, wax moths and other honey bee hive pests.

Posted : 01/07/2019 4:47 pm
BM Staff
Member Admin

We have not heard about many problems with hive beetles this far North. It's harder for the beetles to overwinter, so even if you receive some while installing a nuc or relocating hives from down South, they should not be a problem.

Wax moth tends to be an issue for hardware in storage. When the bees are not protecting the frames/equipment, the wax moth eggs emerge and eat the comb and cause a mess. Freezing the frames kills the wax moth eggs and helps prevent an infestation. 

We just let our pile of boxes with frames freeze during winter and never had an issue with wax moths. We do not recommend to store the unused boxes and frames inside an insulated shed or garage that would not freeze during winter. Just letting them freeze will keep those frames safe.

In the last couple of years, we had many issues with yellow jackets and wasps. Beekeepers in our area set up traps for yellow jackets and wasps through the season, keeping them under control before they have a chance to attack your hives.

Also, our summers tend to get dry, sometime in July. Some areas get so dry that beekeepers had to feed bees in the middle of summer to get them through the dry weather (you see flowers in the area but the plants do not produce nectar when they lack water). 

We do recommend joining a local beekeeping association. Since you are in North Spokane, we recommend you the Backyard Beekeepers Association:

They have 10 monthly meetings during the year and can help you find out what's different in this area.

Posted : 01/07/2019 7:22 pm