Welcome to the new BeeManiacs website.

We recommend you to take some time and try the different links in our menu, so see the different sections we have brought to this website. Educational material and a Forum section were added, so you can learn about honey bees, take quizzes and ask questions on the forum.

We recommend you to create an account on this website (Login/Register) so the system can keep track of your posts, progress on educational material and/or quizzes and even order history. You can delete your account at any time.

New on this site is the option to place orders online for material that you can come to pick up at our store. You can be sitting at home or working around the bee yard and place an order from your computer or your smartphone. We will let you know once it’s ready to pick up.

You can also order items and get them shipped to you. If you have any questions just email us to info@beemaniacs.com

Recent News

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Online Store Expanding – 125 products and counting

For several years we had many more items in our brick and mortar store than in our online store. That was a source of frustration, for not being able to sell online material we already carried in the store.

We have set up a new online store system and we’re currently in the process of adding items to the online store. We open for the season on Friday, February 16, and our goal is to have all items posted in the online store by then.

Once we add the products online, beekeepers that are not in driving distance will be able to place orders with us. We will be shipping most items.

But there is a benefit for local customers too. From now on, you can place an order online and select “pick up at the store” during checkout. We will set the material aside and let you know once it’s ready to pick up. This will speed up your purchasing process. You are more than welcomed to stay as long as you want, have a coffee and talk bees with us. But if you are in a hurry, you can just pick the order up and keep going.

We have 125+ items online now and will keep adding until we have everything online!

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New BeeManiacs Forum

We receive many emails a day with beekeeping related questions. It’s sometimes hard for BeeManiacs staff to stay on top of answering emails and in some cases, we end up answering the same or similar questions multiple times in one-on-one emails.

We had to find a more efficient way to bring the information to more beekeepers. After evaluating different options, we decided to set up our own online forum system, so we can share our answers in a public environment, where the information will reach more beekeepers.

One of the reasons we decided to set up our own forum in our website was because the existing systems or the social media options out there (i.e. Facebook groups) are not accessible to everyone, and certainly not friendly on a regular basis. There is a lot of information out there that is not accurate and the biggest public forums are hard to read, with input from many beekeepers from different countries (based on different equipment or weather).

The BeeManiacs forum welcomes new beekeepers as well as experienced ones. There are no “dumb” or “too basic” questions. Beekeepers should feel free to ask any questions, knowing that they will receive one or more answers with different opinions, but in a friendly fashion.

Our forums are intended to support students from our online courses and in-person classes that we volunteer to teach in the Inland Northwest of the USA, as well as BeeManiacs store customers and beekeepers in general.

If you bought a tool or equipment from us and would like to ask how to set it up or use it, try going to our forums first.

Anyone can search information in the forum, but to post a question, you need to be a registered member and log in to your account. If you purchased something from us, you probably created an account and just need to log in. Once you are logged in, feel free to post any question.