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Welcome to BeeManiacs Education Website

We created this website for storing educational material that we develop for teaching classes or for publishing in magazines.

Some articles are submitted by volunteers and in those cases we will indicate Author Name. If no author name is noted, it means that the article was developed and published by BeeManiacs staff.

You can navigate to different How-To articles using the links from the left sidebar or you can use the search field on the upper right to search by keywords.

Some of the articles in this website were posted in BeeManiacs Main Website, but were relocated to this wiki-style website to make the information easier to update and much easier to find. The main website will remain as main source of news via blog post and as a hub or starting point from where people can browse to the right website for finding educational material (this website) or purchasing beekeeping supplies (Online Store Website).

Looking for Downloads?

We added a new page where you can find and download files from presentations: Download_Presentations

Copyright notice:

We keep copyright of all material published in this educational website. You can use or reprint this material for free for educational use without written consent, just by identifying the material as "Copyright by BeeManiacs LLC".