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Pollinator Friendly Library

A family of 4 studying beekeeping for several years needs to read many, many books, magazines and online resources. Without trying, we collected an interesting list of titles, which gave us the idea of starting our own Pollinator-specific library. We want this service to be free for anyone being able to get to our store.

Beekeepers in driving distance would benefit from being able to browse and read and in most cases even discuss about the material we collected.

We also have several books about gardening, raised beds, greenhouses, etc., and want to extend the benefit to local gardeners too. Informed gardeners improve the environment for all pollinators.

The list below includes the titles we already have available and we're working on getting funding for increasing the book selection and the amount of copies of certain books used in different local classes. Even though we are not a non-profit organization, we welcome donations specifically for this project.

Current Book List

We try to keep our online catalog updated, adding beekeeping-related books every month.

We're currently adding some gardening books that we bought as we take on projects at the BeeManiacs Farm and mead-making (honey wine) books as we progress on opening Beekeeper's Meadery.

You can see the current catalog in the link below:



The easiest way to contribute to this Pollinator Library project is to donate books. We will label the book showing who donated it and include it in the list of available items. We also receive money donations and in that case, once we buy the books we will share the information back to the benefactor showing that the whole amount was used to purchase books (no fees or commissions are taken out from the donated funds).