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Families have different activities to spend time together over the weekend. Some go hiking or camping, others volunteer time in church activities or in the Local Animal Rescue Center. Other families split and kids go to boys/girls scout programs, sports or horseback riding, and parents go with their favorite activity such as skiing, golfing, fishing, etc.


In our case, we wanted to do something meaningful and since honey bees were struggling to stay alive in 2008 and 2009, we decided that beekeeping could be a nice family activity to spend time together on weekends while doing something useful for the Environment, the food supply, and our kids future.

In 2010 we became WA State Apprentice level beekeepers and we reached Journeyman level in 2013. We’re heading for the Master level next…

In 2014, Ana, Ari Jr. and Maria (with big Ari’s support) decided to start selling beekeeping supplies. We’re reaching the local area from our own store at home and also supplying all beekeepers in US via our online store.


We are currently involved in the educational programs of many beekeeping associations, where we volunteer our time for teaching new Beekeepers. We are currently developing an online beekeeping education system, that will be released in cooperation with the Backyard Beekeepers Association.

We are members of the following beekeeping associations:

American Beekeeping Federation


Washington State Beekeepers Association



Western Apicultural Society


Inland Empire Beekeepers’ Association


West Plains Beekeepers Association

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